What’s new in the Photography World

2017 is coming to an end and much has changed in the photography world.

Mirrorless is taking over

Sony just released the A9II, Fuji is continuing to update it’s gear at a rapid pace, and Nikon/Canon both have rumored mirrorless cameras in the pipeline.

The wave of mirrorless cameras is fueled by a trifecta: lower weight, smaller package, and more affordable. It used to be that you’d pay a price with image quality, but no longer. Plus, on many systems you’re getting more technology.. like electronic viewfinders and new sensor arrays.

Stock Photography is cool again

There are multiple stock photography agencies that are featuring modern photography. My current favorite is Stocksy, they just opened up their call-to-artists after a few years at full capacity. It’s incredible to browse a stock photo website and be inspired by the level of work featured. Give them a look and consider applying.

Lightroom Preset Reviews

Lightroom presets are continuing to be extremely popular, this site recently launched that offers preset reviews. It’s called Good Presets and you should follow them on Instagram.