Photographing Cityscapes

foggy city photo

Cities have their own charm; even with all the chaos and city lights, tall skyscrapers and busy streets, cities can offer a numbing sensation and a good one too. Most often we can’t go to all the places we would like to go to in our lifetime but we can always look at pictures. Sometimes our bare human eyes miss a lot of city action and beauty, a lot of hidden places and angles that only the camera lens can capture; sometimes you need to have a different outlook and view to capture the magic of the city in which you may have lived your entire life. So here is a little guide to help you click pictures of your favorite city/cities.

Sunrises and sunsets

When the night just abuts on the daylight or vice versa, it is a great time to make a few clicks. Capture the fading natural along with the city lights sparkling below and you will get an amazing subject to work on. The variation of different natural tones is very difficult to get at any other time of the day.


The skyline tale

If you are of the opinion that skylines and panorama views are just for natural habitats, it is time to change your outlook. Keep the focal length somewhere between 12-35mm and include city features with the wide skyline. A wide angle is very helpful in these cases.

Bracketing exposures

Cities offer a wide range of lighting during the night and it looks spectacular when we look at it through our eyes but not quite so much when we have clicked the picture. This is because cameras are usually not capable of capturing images of such high contrast. In order to get rid of this problem you need to multiple exposures of the same subject. 

leading lines photo

Identify the leading lines

Leading lines are extremely important to capture serenity in chaos. So say, you want to capture the scene of a busy street with your lenses, you need to identify the leading line (which can be the pavement curve in this case) to create a sense of coherence in the whole picture. Slice up the images in the right composition to cut through all the chaos and bring out harmony.

Capturing motion

Still pictures are fine but capturing motion and freezing them forever requires special skill. In a city, try to find the busiest intersection and a continuous movement of traffic, both car and people, and click them while they are moving. Things are going to be blurry but not all of it. Keep a lightly defines line and then put all the blurry figures in it.

Pedestrians on the go

The most defining features of a city are perhaps its people. It does not always has to be an exclusive class; it can be everyone and yet no one in particular.

Capture the rainy city

Rain makes everything look pretty. It blurs away all the stark street lights and mellows down even the harshest of cities.

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